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MOORESTOWN, NJ   MARCH 4, 2016 – Staff Sergeant Peter Taub, one of six American service members who were killed in a suicide bomb attack on December 21, 2015 in Afghanistan, will be memorialized in a new program named for him at nonprofit organization Community Treatment Solutions (CTS), its President and CEO Susan Buchwald announced today.

The initiative, the Peter Taub CTS Music Program, will provide music therapy to children and youth in New Jersey who have experienced trauma from abuse and neglect.

“We wanted to do something to remember a brave serviceman from our region, who was the nephew of one of our long-time board members Cheryl Pliskin,” said Buchwald, whose Moorestown-headquartered organization serves over 400 New Jersey children and families each year. “All of the youth in CTS programs either have a diagnosis of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or are exhibiting symptoms associated with the trauma experienced through abuse, neglect or abandonment,” she added. “Our philosophy of care and best practices in the field identifies that giving individuals with PTSD an opportunity to be creative and express themselves increases their ability to move forward in their recovery.”

Taub, 30, a Wyncote, PA native and a member of the Air Force Office of Special Investigations, was killed during a joint U.S. and Afghan patrol outside Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan.

“He wasn’t self-promoting,” said father Joel Taub, who lives in Lansdale, PA. “He would have probably laughed at the idea of something being named after him.”

“He was a good-hearted kid, people always gravitated towards him,” said mother Arlene Wagner, who, with her family, runs Bub and Pops, a popular sandwich shop in Washington, D.C. His brother Jon, a chef at the restaurant, was the one who had informed his mother about Peter’s death after hearing a report and receiving a phone call. “Peter always tried to put people at ease, like someone who he had met on the way to basic training. He was nervous, but Pete was joking around, trying to get him to relax.

“I was told by someone recently that her son had met him at the airport while waiting to deploy to Afghanistan,” Wagner added. “There was a long delay and her son was hungry. So Peter shared his hoagies that he had packed with him.”

Taub, who has been awarded four medals of honor, including the Purple Heart and the Bronze Star and will have his name on the wall at Arlington National Cemetery, had not previously told his family that he was in Afghanistan when they received word that he had been killed. According to his mother, Taub had told most family members that he was deploying to the United Arab Emirates, because he did not want his family and pregnant wife Christina to worry about his safety. Taub’s second daughter (he also has a 3 1/2-year-old daughter, Penelope) is due in June.

“He probably could have done whatever he wanted in the Air Force – he scored very high on his entrance exams,” said Wagner. “But he worked at loading bombs on planes and trained for a long period of time to move up to cyber security in the Office of Special Investigations.”

“Before he had gone into the armed services, he and I had talked about the Navy and Air Force since I thought they were the two safest branches,” said Joel. “He really grew over the years as a husband and father. He was a big family man. I’m really proud of the man he became.”

Those interested in contributing to the Peter Taub CTS Music Program can do so through Community Treatment Solutions’ Reaching for the Stars Fund which features a permanent mural display outside the organization’s Moorestown office. For a donation, a star or stars can be engraved to honor a friend or memorialize a loved one. You can purchase a star by using the attached order form below. For more information,  contact Mark Hatoff at 856-642-9090, ext. 402 or mhatoff@ctsnj.org.


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