Jesse’s Story


“Jesse” was 14 years old when he came to CTS. Prior to admission, Jesse had been removed from 10 foster homes due to aggressive behavior, school truancy and general non-compliance. He was violent and destructive, heard voices and was diagnosed as a “pre-schizophrenic.”

Jesse was not unlike many of the other CTS clients who come from abusive and neglectful homes. His mother was a schizophrenic and a drug user and made money through prostitution, to which Jesse was often exposed. At one point, Jesse, who was repeatedly physically abused, was left alone in a hotel room for 17 days without food and nearly starved to death eating from the motel dumpster.

The CTS treatment team considered all of Jesse’s needs and problems when he came under care. He received nearly seven hours per week of individual interventions for several months and sometimes received 10 hours of service during a single week to support his school reintegration. CTS cared for Jesse for four years, as no family was identified as wanting him. His mother died from a drug overdose.

Today, Jesse is doing well in school and is college bound. He has a large social network of same-aged peers, participates in sports and social events and is an active member of his town. He has complied with CTS clinical activities and is learning to navigate the challenges of his young adulthood.