Lynnette’s Story

Prior to “Lynette’s” admission to CTS as a 12-year old, she lived with her mother and stepfather, who drank heavily, abused drugs, and often had violent episodes in front of Lynette. She was also sexually abused for two years by her stepfather’s brother. All of this contributed to Lynette’s diagnosis of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Oppositional Defiant Disorder when she came to CTS. She never made eye contact, was extremely withdrawn and would bite her cuticles until they bled.

CTS worked with Lynette to lower her anxiety by identifying her triggers and teaching her relaxation techniques. They also concentrated on increasing Lynette’s social skills and improving her self-image, all of which were greatly impacted by the abuse she experienced. Since Lynette’s mother terminated her parental rights during this time, the Dept. for Child Protection and Permanency (DCP&P) began to explore adoption options for Lynette. Her CTS treatment team, including her treatment parent, helped Lynette explore different ways to express herself, and encouraged her to get involved in activities in school.

Lynette was adopted two years later. She got a summer job as a junior camp counselor and earned straight A’s in school. Today, she is assertive, thoughtful and strong. She is polite and easily engages with other people. When her clinician asked for how she wanted her adoption and discharge from CTS recognized, she said, “I want to have an adoption party at CTS with my new mom and all of you. I want everyone who helped me there because you should all see me happy! And, I want pizza.”