To provide services that build a foundation for healing, growth and successes for children and families. Our services will empower children and families to use their strengths to overcome internal and external obstacles so they can lead their lives with confidence, competence and hope.

Our Vision

Community Treatment Solutions will contribute to ensuring that families will have what they need to thrive and impact the world positively.

Our Core Values

  • Youth require safety, stability & consistency to facilitate positive well-being in their daily lives.
  • A youth’s needs must be addressed in every area where there is an obstacle to achievement.
  • Treatment must be individualized and must include client participation, and be done in collaboration with stakeholders in the client’s welfare.
  • Each youth belongs to a family regardless of the family’s functioning. This family is relevant to the youth.
  • CTS acknowledges that the child’s maladaptive behaviors are ways of coping with an overwhelming internal state or life situation.
  • Interventions focus on generalizing life skills.
  • Youth have strengths & resiliencies and are able to change.

Core Expertise

CTS has historically specialized in working with youth who are at risk for out of community placement. These youth have had multiple failures in other settings or may be ready to be reintegrated into the community from residential programs. Our work with this population is the cornerstone of the CTS mission and has reinforced our core expertise—strengths-based, multi-disciplinary and multidimensional individualized interventions for youth who present with complex issues. This individualized approach, which has been the hallmark of CTS services throughout our 20-year existence in New Jersey, requires expertise in child development, cultural diversity, psychosocial needs assessment and service planning. CTS is an expert in implementing state of the art and flexible interventions that involve traditional and nontraditional resources and stakeholders in the youth’s welfare.


Community Treatment Solutions received accreditation by the Council on Accreditation in 2006 and again in 2010. The Council on Accreditation developed Contextual Accreditation™ as a strategy to strengthen, measure, and validate organizational effectiveness. To make this strategy effective, Contextual Accreditation focused on Community Treatment Solutions’ unique mission, resources and culture, as well as the unique needs and aspirations of the people we serve. CTS received absolutely no deficiencies or recommendations, our accreditation was subsequently expedited through the COA process. COA accreditation attests that CTS meets the highest national standards. It also provides assurance that CTS is performing services which the community needs, conducting our operations successfully, and managing funds effectively.

Our Program Goals and Objectives

  • To serve as a community based alternative to institutional and out of home placement
  • To prevent symptom/behavior exacerbation and stabilize crisis
  • To identify and use client strengths and support acquisition of new skills
  • To increase the family’s connection to natural, community-based resources and supports
  • To coordinate services and resources in order to eliminate obstacles to productive functioning